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Documentaire / Documentary


Jaclyn Linetsky et Vadim Schneider : Du sourire aux larmes [documentaire -fr]




Un aperçu de la bande annonce et du documentaire "Jaclyn Linetsky et Vadim Schneider : Du sourire aux larmes"

Le parcours et la vie non ordinaires des deux stars montantes canadiennes Jaclyn Linetsky et Vadim Schneider. L'histoire et le souvenir de ces deux jeunes adolescents. Le destin de la fraiche et talentueuse actrice Jaclyn Linetsky avec un sourire constant et du charmant et souriant artiste complet Vadim Schneider.
Ainsi que cet inoubliable 8 septembre 2003 qui a tout changé.
Ces deux jeunes talents, ces personnalités que l'on ne pourra jamais oublier.



Jaclyn Linetsky and Vadim Schneider : Smile to Tears [documentary -en]

A preview of the trailer and documentary “Jaclyn Linetsky and Vadim Schneider : Smile to Tears“

The destiny and life of the two Canadian rising stars Jaclyn Linetsky and Vadim Schneider. The story and the memory of these two young teenagers. The destiny of the fresh and talented actress Jaclyn Linetsky with a constant smile and the charming and smiling complete artist Vadim Schneider.
As this unforgettable September 8th, 2003 which changed everything.
These two young talents, these personalities who will be never be forgotten.




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Dedicated to Jaclyn and Vadim


Dedicated to Jaclyn and Vadim
With Love

When I see your smile
I forget my pain
When I see your face
I stop to cry
When I hear your voice
The world don't turn anymore
When I see all what you did
I think “My dear Children”
When I watch you on screen
I just admire you
When I look a picture of you
I note how much your eyes shine
When I see you so happy
I know that Heaven exist
When I hear your laugh
I know that I won't never forget you
When I think about all these people who still think of you
I'm sure that you won't never be totally gone
When I look all what you let
I know that you're still there

When I see you
I remember how much I love you

"there's been an accident" they said

"our dear friends are dead
now they're gone
and we're with our pain alone

now our angels fly away
they're together so far away
they're not coming back
but they're free and glad

we know we'll never forget them
we'll need to pray for our friends
they joined the other Angels
they're still happy our beloved children

we hope they live with joy
they're well in the arms of God
we wish they rest in peace
wish too they're still here

their passing hurt so much
we can't see day better
we know they were too young
but we'll have to stay strong

here they were shooting stars
and in our hearts they always shine
then we'll wait to see them again
and try to forget our pain”

"there's been an accident" they said
"our dear friends are dead”
but they will live in our hearts always
and we will always love them









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Les versions du pianiste (fin de moi quoi)


"The Rose" début

Début de "The Rose" à l'oreille
version simple, fautes possibles






"La Vie en Rose" chorus -simple

Le refrain de "la vie en rose"
reproduit à l'oreille
par une débutante
version simple, fautes possibles








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